Connected Services

Maximizing value through Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data

While ubiquitous Internet and smartphones have ensured everyone is connected to the Internet of People, advances in sensors and communications technologies are creating the next revolution with the Internet of Things, where all devices will be interconnected. With the number of connected devices set to cross 50 billion by 2020, there is a potential to create a value of 11 trillion USD.

Smart devices have traditionally existed in industry settings (e.g. oil fields). However, the data produced was not fully consumed, analyzed and used for prediction and optimization. Advancement of big data technology now enables ‘at edge’ analytics, which in turn lets us unlock the economic value that the data holds.

Trends like Industry 4.0, offer complete solution not just product, product/solution as service are forcing manufacturing companies to adopt IoT faster.

While technology is enabling each “thing” to be smarter, there is also going to be evolution of “connected services” which will create value from interconnected devices. There are four levels of connected services, depending on the analysis and consumption of the gathered data.

Focus Area Typical Scenarios Illustration

Monitoring Services

Monitor “things” in isolation as well as in clusters, on various runtime parameters like state, location, usage, proximity and dependency

  • Monitor product usage for tracking and improvement
  • Leverage analytics of transactions, actions, data and images for security monitoring
  • Monitor environment and safety conditions
  • System to capture usage data of home appliances thus improving performance and eliminating underutilized features
  • Video security systems, Geo-fencing
  • Vehicles carrying combustible material gets alerts about heat zones in factory

Predictive Services

Provide futuristic insight into potential events or usage of key resources

  • Manage OPEX better through prediction of resource usage
  • Model and analyze current movement pattern of "things" and predict immediate future
  • Reduce machine and equipment downtime using failure prediction models,
  • Energy management in a commercial establishment
  • Leverage big data analytics for better traffic control
  • Actual parameters captured from equipments are compared with rated parameters in realtime, to predict the maintenance requirements

Optimization Services

Proactively change the state or pattern of usage, based on current or future needs

  • Optimize throughput by setting up IoT based collaboration between "things"
  • Optimize usage of key resources
  • Optimizing inventory of resources
  • Smart mining equipments communicate with each other and miners, to optimize throughput and improve safety
  • Smart meters and appliances to reduce electricity consumption during peak hours, thus saving energy costs
  • Continuous remote monitoring of warehouse machinery, tool status, and machine utilization – leading to optimized product flow and production setup

Social-Enabled Services

Enable "things" to interact, exchange or alert based on dynamically changing contexts

  • Proximity based notification
  • Enable interaction amongst "things" based on common interest and proximity
  • Exchange information when in proximity
  • You get a notification that your friend is nearby during unplanned outings
  • Ability to build a social network of people in common interests in realtime during an event
  • Audio guide in a museum automatically retrieves information about an exhibit, when visitor approaches it

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