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Revolutionizing Customer Experience in Digital World

In today's digital world, technology is creating new touch points for enterprises to charm their customers, leading to evolution of customer experiences. There is a fundamental change happening in the way customers are experiencing products or services. SMAC is empowering customers with right data at the right time, in order to assist them in decision-making process. SMAC is also helping enterprises to reach out to targeted customers. This phenomenon is driving personalization in every interaction between enterprise and customer. Every enterprise has to build set of applications and methods that turn visibility of each and every customer's experience over time and across all moments of interaction, into tangible business advantage – what is called as Customer Experience Management. Following are possibilities each enterprises has to evaluate in their context.

Focus Area Typical Scenarios Illustrations

Increased Reach

  • Increase reach through new digital channels
  • Integrate with social platforms to get insight into customer preferences and influences
  • Refine and develop marketing campaigns that are more aligned to the needs and aspirations of the target consumer through behavioural analytics
  • Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs), e-Commerce
  • Crowdsourcing for new product introduction for Food & beverage companies
  • Purchase suggestions based on social media interactions

Buying Experience

  • Provide customers with right data at the right time, in order to assist them in decision-making process
  • Leverage augmented/virtual reality to give "feel" of product or service
  • Use technologies like NFC / Bluetooth Beacon to provide instant product or service information
  • Mobile solutions at retail shop helping customers with location, availability, recommendations and similar products
  • Virtual reality simulation of room for selecting hotel suites
  • Coffee shop table card with NFC to give information about coffee beans, brewing process for unique experience

Continuous Engagement

  • Enable better customer engagement through realtime interaction between product, customer and data
  • Create online community to enable customers to share experiences about product and service
  • Provide access to required and adjacent information, anywhere and anytime
  • Set up continuous learning about customer likes / dislikes and deliver enhanced personal experience
  • Fitness band provided by a sporting goods company helping customers to set and monitor fitness goals thus ensuring continuous engagement
  • Online social community setup by car company to exchange personal experiences of customers
  • App created by a clinical laboratory to provide health updates, access to medical records, lab results, and secure messaging between the patient and their care team
  • Restaurants analyzing customer's previous orders, social media posts and occasions, to suggest personalized menu

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Pratiti Technologies is focused on building solutions for re-defining customer experience. We bring in understanding of variety of use cases around Increased Reach, Buying Experience and Continuous Engagement. We build responsive / mobile applications, cloud based services, customer analytics and social platforms integration to realize these use cases. Feel free to get in touch with Pratiti Technologies team to discuss use cases and solutions.

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