Product Development (PLM)

Percolating digital transformation to product development

Digital transformation is driving a big change in product development process. It is now imperative for this process to engineer products that respond to customer needs and offer high degree of personalization. Customers now have a way to influence the product evolution thus driving product development systems out of their silos and tightly integrate with all customer centric processes of the digital enterprise.

With IoT, the changing product composition requires high degree of collaboration between OEMs and multi-disciplinary suppliers. Product development systems need to support such collaboration throughout the product development lifecycle.

As OEMs are moving towards building solution and not just product, they are also exploring deploying solution / product as a service. This is driving integration of service lifecycle with product lifecycle.

Focus Area Typical Scenarios Illustration

New Product Introduction

  • Collect and analyze customer inputs from social platforms
  • Leverage product usage and customer feedback analytics for NPI
  • Enable all stakeholder (internal and external) collaboration early in NPI hence enabling open innovation and reduced time to market
  • Crowdsourcing ideas from social platform on which product / feature / variant customers would be willing to buy and at what price
  • Track usage of product through remote monitoring to get usage data and feed it back to design team for product improvements
  • Enable participation of strategic partners in product planning phase

Product Information

  • Create network of product information and data insights than traditional way of passing product information from one phase to next phase in linear fashion
  • Enable product users to get all relevant product information anytime and anywhere for better experience and building brand loyalty
  • Improve accuracy of product data in view of increase in complexity and multi-disciplinary content
  • Common repository for engineering, marketing and others (including partners) to access visual information of products for reducing time to market
  • Use of smart devices for instant retrieval of pharma product and validate it against personal medical condition for correct usage
  • Coffee shop able to provide information about sourcing of coffee bean instantly to smart device
  • With embedded software content in product, customer should be able to download latest product information through product itself

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